Artemisa is one of the youngest Cuban provinces, established in 2011 and derived from the division of the former province of Havana, taking up its western half.


Nature activities can be carried out in the area, since the province is crossed by the Sierra del Rosario, the most important mountain range in the West of the country, with the Pan de Guajaibón (699 m) as highest peak.

The main tourist attractions can be enjoyed in this mountain range, particularly in the Soroa Natural Park and the Comunidad Las Terrazas.


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Within the wide natural spots in the province of Artemisa you can find Ariguanabo river, located in San Antonio de los Baños, exquisite to enjoy a boat ride.

In this same town you can enjoy the route of Sendero Las Yagrumas, which includes a path from the hotel of the same name to the Cueva de los Corderos.

Migracion de pelicanos en Guanimar-Artemisa © Ira Kononenko

The beaches could not be absent. Some of the north coast stand out as much for their beauty as for their cleanliness and tranquility. They are: Baracoa beach; El Salado; Herradura; San Pedro and El Morrillo.


Soroa, Cuba.

In the Soroa Natural Park lies the much photographed waterfall of the Manantiales river and the Orchids Botanical Garden of Soroa, which has the largest collection of orchids in the country exclusive to Cuba.

SOROA cascada

There are natural and artificial pools in the Bayate and Manantiales rivers, shallow and crystal clear, perfect for enjoying a pleasant bath. You can also discover the famous Salto de Soroa.

Las terrazas

terrazas artemisa

The Community of Las Terrazas has a lush surrounding nature and an interesting history, founded on the coffee plantations.

It is an excellent place for bird watching, hiking, enjoying the baths in San Juan river or Bayate, or simply relaxing.


Here, among other attractions, you will find a canopy 800m long and Hotel Moka. The site is surrounded by a vibrant community of artists who display their ceramic, painting and wood work in galleries and studios.

Old coffee plantations

Cafe en artemisa

The area that today occupies the province of Artemisa grew rapidly based first on the coffee economy, and then on sugar cane and the manufacture of tobacco.

Thus, in the early years of the 20th century, it became the second most important city of Pinar del Río province.

The ruins of some coffee plantations in the area attest to the splendor of coffee cultivation, which earned the region the nickname "Garden of Cuba."