more than 120 kms of beautiful beaches

Camagüey is the central-eastern region of Cuba with the largest number of cays and islets. The greatest tourist attraction in the province of Camagüey is undoubtedly Playa Santa Lucía, in Cayo Sabinal.

playa santa lucia

There, the Diving Center is located, from where, in the company of specialized guides, you can feed 3 meters long sharks, dive to sunken ships and admire the beauty of its coral reefs. The color of its waters and the fine sand are a tropical attraction that few visitors can resist

Colonial past


But Camagüey is not only beach. The most important city, which shares its name with the province, was one of the first seven settlements founded by the Spanish in Cuba and its historic center is a Unesco World Heritage Site.

The city gives us the opportunity to discover Cuban history through its narrow and labyrinthine streets, which often take us to unexpected corners and interesting hidden places. It is also perfect for lovers of colonial buildings and religious architectural venues.


Flamencos Rosados CubaUnique3

Other interesting places that you can not miss during your visit to Camagüey are: Sierra del Chorrillo, protected area and its magnificent trails; natural observatory of the Río Máximo Wildlife Refuge, north of Camagüey, considered the world largest nesting territory for pink flamingos.