The Pearl of the South

The province of Cienfuegos allows you to enjoy the beauty of the sea, its Rancho Luna beach and its seabed, the exuberant nature of the Macizo Montañoso Guamuhaya (also known as Sierra del Escambray) or the Yaguanabo Valley, among other places; as well as the Natural Park of the Cascadas del Nicho and the city of Cienfuegos, a well-kept French-style city whose charms do not disappoint. Due to its peculiarities and its intermediate location on the Havana-Trinidad route, it is an unbeatable stop on the road to include in your trip.

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Cienfuegos is an attractive port city, known as the Pearl of the South, with coasts to the Caribbean Sea and a beautiful bay, coveted since ancient times by pirates and corsairs. Like Habana, Cienfuegos also has a "Malecçón", which both local and foreign visitors enjoy. In the bay, the fortress Castillo de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles de Jagua, is a solid exponent of the 18th century military architecture on the island. The city's main attraction is the historic center, declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Rich in palaces, parks, theaters, churches, and grand promenades that extend to the sea, French influence is evident. In its historic center, you can see a triumphal arch, similar to that of Paris and Teatro Terry, a true reflection of the golden age of Cienfuegos. One of the most beautiful buildings in Cuba is the Palacio de Valle, an exponent of the architectural eclecticism prevailing in the city.
The seabed of Rancho Luna beach, just 14km from Cienfuegos, is ideal for diving, with beautiful coral formations in the Ensenada de Barreras and Las Playitas. In the area, there are several diving centers, with introductory courses, day and night immersions in sunken ships and reefs, as well as catamaran rides, water bicycles and kayaks.

The Guanaroca Lagoon is the only protected area in the province, a wetland that feeds on the fresh water of the Arimao River and the waters of Jagua Bay, the perfect place to observe pelicans, tocororos and pink flamingos.
In the Guanayara Park, it is worth a visit to the Natural Park of Cascadas del Nicho, a spectacular landscape with its natural pools and its impressive waterfall, just 30km from the Topes de Collantes Natural Park and 2km from Lake Hanabanilla.