Holguín is located in eastern Cuba, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. When Christopher Columbus landed in Cuba, he did it precisely in this province and it is said that he said: "It is the most beautiful land that human eyes have seen."

Fourth largest province of Cuba, it is considered one of the main and most important tourist poles in the country. It has attractive colonial cities and an incomparable beauty in its nature, fields and beaches. One of the main traditions of the people of Holguin are the Romerías de Mayo, a festival of music and art in all its manifestations.

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With marked aboriginal tradition, it was one of the areas where the indigenous community later disappeared. The city treasures unique objects and relics of that era in the Archaeological Museum Chorro de Maítauna, Bani Indocubano Museum and the Provincial Museum. Known as the city of the Parks, its five main parks are located along two streets in the center of fine architecture in Holguin. Visitors can not miss the 458 steps to climb the Loma de la Cruz and admire the cityscape views that this small elevation of 261m provides .
Holguin deserves a visit for its paradisiacal beaches with crystal clear waters and fine white sand, and its exuberant vegetation, such as Playa Esmeralda, Playa Pesquero, Guardalavaca and Cayo Saetía, among others. Guardalavaca is one of our favorites, a well-maintained beach with an impressive coral reef, interesting cliffs and curious vegetation. Cayo Saetía always fascinates us, a small natural paradise with exotic fauna.

Holguin is one of the most interesting regions of the eastern region, for its vegetation, flora and fauna rich in endemic species. The protected area of ​​La Mensura-Piloto National Park owes its name to the existence within its area of ​​two important geographical features: the Piloto River and the Loma de Mensura. Among its attractions we find the Salto del Guayabo, the highest waterfall in Cuba, and the La Sabina trail, for lovers of flora and fauna observation, with a refreshing swim awaiting in the natural pool Poza Rafael.

The Marina Gaviota in Naranjo Bay offers excursions on sailboats and catamarans, diving and a visit to an aquarium with dolphins and sea lions. In Guardalavaca Marina Marlin offers diving, yachts and catamarans, sport fishing, bicycles and jet skis. La Mensura-Piloto National Park is ideal for ecotourism activities (hiking, bird watching, cycle-tourism, horseback riding and camping) and adventure tourism (jeep safaris, speleotourism, kayaking, climbing). In Cayo Saetía, the largest hunting ground in the country is located, with buffaloes, antelopes, deer and wild pigs. Visiting the coastal city of Gibara is a recommended experience.