Sancti Spiritus


More attractions and variety per square meter

The province of Sancti Spíritus is located in the central zone of the island, very close to interesting cities such as Cienfuegos and Santa Clara. It is a province that you should not miss, because in relation to its surface it has more tourist attractions and greater variety than almost any other province of the island. Two of the first towns founded in Cuba are in this province: Sancti Spiritus and Trinidad.

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Trinidad, the third oldest village in Cuba, is one of the best preserved architectural complexes in the country. The multicolored beauty of this enchanting city was declared a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988. It is worth getting lost in its cobbled streets, with its small squares and churches, its beautiful palaces and colorful houses with colonial patios. Named in 2018 "World City of craftmanship", among its traditions you find: pottery, hand knitting and guano fabrics, dances, tunes, verses and songs, the traditional canchánchara (mambisa drink), and the yayabera, a clothing item which is in the origin of the very Cuban guayabera.
Mountains and trails perfect for nature and adventure tourism, such as the Escambray mountains, among which Topes de Collantesexcels as a historical natural scenario that starred in the Cuban revolution because it was there that Che Guevara's camp was installed.
In the North area of the province, Parque Nacional Caguanes, declared by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve, has an important system of caves in which you will find numerous places of archaeological interest.
The Presa Zaza lake, the largest artificial lake in Cuba, is magnificent for the sport fishing of trout and the hunting of ducks, quails, pigeons, etc.

The Valle de los Ingenios, also declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, was one of the largest sugar regions of Cuba, but throughout the second half of the nineteenth century there was a great decline. Despite this decline, there are still sugar estates of the time. An ecological and cultural system in which monuments, society and nature are mixed. Manaca-Iznaga's best-preserved hacienda with its bell tower and spectacular views over the valley.

The province has beautiful beaches, located in the Ancón Peninsula and its surroundings, with areas suitable for diving and snorkeling. One of the most beautiful beaches in the south of the country just 11 km from Trinidad is Playa Ancón. This proximity allows you to stay in Trinidad and go only to spend the day, without having to stay in a typical all-inclusive beach resort.