Hello! We are the CubaUnique team, specialists in tailor-made trips to Cuba.

We come from Spain and Cuba. We share the passion and joy for traveling, love and respect for the exciting Cuban culture and the constant search for excellence in service.

¡Encantados de poder organizarte una viaje a Cuba inolvidable!.

Bárbara Pérez

I am a travel lover, passionate and perfectionist, I have high aesthetic sensitivity and deep social awareness, that is my essence, and I reflect it in my work.

I invite you to discover CubaUnique, a different travel agency, much more specialized, close and inspiring, where I strive every day to create personalized experiences that awaken the sensitivity of my travelers.


I visited Cuba for the first time 20 years ago and to this day I am still captivated by this island of contradictions where the authenticity of its people and the richness of its culture never cease to overwhelm me.

For years I have traveled the island and I have cultivated friendships with people who have helped me understand and enjoy the idiosyncrasies of this little "Macondo", a place steeped in magic where the most unusual can always surprise you.

I am a specialist in designing trips to Cuba. I get involved in each trip as if it were the first, because my goal is to make the perfect trip for each traveler and generate a special connection with the island.

My trips are not for those who want to be just another tourist, a mere spectator, my trips are for those who want to experience the authentic Cuba, connect with locals, get involved in their culture and enjoy the beauty of their surroundings.

Emilio Gómez

I came across the CubaUnique project two years ago -because it is difficult not to coincide with Bárbara and her family if you have a hint of concern about marketing and entrepreneurship-, and since then I have dedicated myself to optimizing the image and editorial design of the project in Internet, through this, its website.


I am a graphic designer by elimination, after going through the corporate world, commercial, languages, or training, with an emigration to England in between, I founded www.dinarama.org, an agency that would end up being a graphic and web design agency.

Community Manager
Emma Pérez-Romera

Soy periodista, responsable del contenido de CubaUnique en las redes sociales, ciudadana del mundo y amante de los viajes. Cuando la vida te pone delante un proyecto tan apasionante como éste es imposible decir que no. Si además conoces la profesionalidad con la que trabaja Bárbara, tienes otro motivo más para animarte.


Formo parte de este equipazo multicultural desde julio de 2020, cuando el mundo estaba colapsado por la pandemia COVID-19 que, a las personas resilientes y emprendedoras, nos ha hecho más fuertes y más aventureras si cabe. Y eso es CubaUnique: fortaleza, elegancia, cercanía, profesionalidad, organización de viajes a Cuba de tú a tú y una manera de viajar a La Isla Bonita que no te dejará indiferente. ¡Encantada de formar parte!

Carolina Pérez

I am a travel consultant and responsible for the travel policy advice process for the agency. As Barbara's sister, I collaborate with her from complete transparency and trust, with a high degree of involvement and responsibility in all the projects I carry out.


Trained in marketing and commercial management at ESIC in Madrid, I was accredited by CECAS as an Insurance and Reinsurance Broker and Linked Agent, currently working as an insurance consultant.

Betty Pérez Clavijo

In some way, I have always been organizing and facilitating projects of various kinds, so when I met Bárbara, another “crazy as a coconut" person like me, and she told me about CubaUnique, it was clear to me that I would give her my support and I am currently coordinating the traveller's agendas in Cuba.


I am Cuban and chemical engineer. After several years working in the chemical sector, by chance I had my first approach to the tourist sector, in the managerial part. Here I realized that public relations are my thing and I started to be linked to the commercial world through a foreign firm for which I worked for 25 years. I like to start and enjoy challenges, that's why when I started self-employment in Cuba I set up my small rental business, a 3 bedroom hostel in Nuevo Vedado that I currently run.

Gabriela Rodríguez

I met Bárbara at a conference on Cuban art in Havana and the crush was instantaneous. I accompany CubaUnique travelers to show them Cuba from its interesting history, culture and above all, from its incomparable social life. In addition, I am up to date with the local events agenda. I really enjoy this work!


I am Cuban, philologist and professor of Caribbean Literature at the Faculty of Arts and Letters of the University of Havana. I also speak Spanish, English and Italian. I am passionate about the history of my country and I am always up to date with the events and activities of the month, which are the fashionable night spots, the live concerts, the best paladares... I try to add value for those who do not want to know Cuba as just another tourist.

Javier Ernesto Hernández

I am in charge of audiovisual capturing the attractions of Cuba. I keep a graphic record of all the unforgettable places that abound on this picturesque island and I want to show you its beauty. I am in love with my land and I savor every second behind my camera!


I am Cuban, graduated from the University of Sports Sciences. I am a Journalist and audiovisual producer of the Havana Channel. I was doing interviews at the Havana World Music festival when I met Bárbara and she told me about her agency. Since then I have collaborated in giving CubaUnique a unique and different agency approach.

Julienne López

Me apasiona el arte tanto como a Bárbara, por eso cuando nos conocimos en La Habana surgió la idea de crear la primera ruta guiada de diseño y arte para Cubaunique. Actualmente tengo mi propio blog de arte y soy además redactora del blog CubaUnique, un espacio que me permite unir mi pasión por el arte, por la escritura y por mi tierra.


I am Cuban and graduate in History of Art. My love for art has developed through teaching (professor at the Faculty of Arts and Letters of the University of Havana for 5 years), curating exhibitions and art criticism in Cuban and foreign magazines. I obtained mention in the Guy Pérez Cisneros Art Critics Award (2016), awarded by the National Council of Plastic Arts of Cuba.

Juan Manuel Cruz del Cueto

I have taken part in more than 25 exhibitions in Cuba, the US, England and Spain; the latter organized by Bárbara in the Perga Arte Interior Gallery. From this link we have maintained a close working relationship that today is translated into the photos of the blog and website of CubaUnique.


I am a Cuban and creative photographer, lover of art, with more than 10 years of experience in the world of photography. I have worked as an advertising photographer and in interior photography. I have participated in documentary projects of American universities and I have directed videoclips of Cuban musicians. I have worked for the Cultural Ministry of Spain in Cuba, for UNFPA and UNICEF. I am currently the founder and CEO of Metro x Metro Spain, a company created and designed to offer the best service and image of the highest quality.